PRIVACY POLICY FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION: We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of your personal information, including your Social

Security or other governmental identification numbers. We have adopted a privacy policy to help ensure that your information is kept secure. We follow

all federal and State laws regarding the protection of your personal information. How information is collected. You will be furnishing some of your personal

information (such as your Social Security or other government identification numbers) at the time you apply to rent from us. This information will be on

the rental application form or other document that you provide to us or to an apartment locator service, either on paper or electronically. How and when

information is used. We may use this information in the process of verifying statements made on your rental application, such as your rental, credit and

employment history. We may use the information when reviewing any lease renewal. We may also use it to assist us in obtaining payment from you for

any money you may owe us in the future. How the information is protected and who has access. In our company, only authorized persons have access

to your Social Security or other governmental identification number. We keep all documents containing this information in a secure area, accessible only

by authorized persons. We limit access to electronic versions of the information to authorized persons only. How the information is disposed of. After

we no longer need your Social Security or other governmental identification numbers, we will store or destroy the information in a manner that ensures

that no unauthorized person will have access to it. Our disposal method may include physical destruction or obliteration of paper documents or electronic

files containing such information. Locator Service. If you found us through a locator service, please be aware that locator services are independent

contractors and are not our employees - even though they may initially process rental applications and fill out lease forms. You should require any locator

service you use to furnish you their privacy policies, as well.